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2019-07-16 22:17:35


Regarding the 140 BL NUM NOT ALLOWED FOR USE reject

The reason this is happening is due to the fact the NVOCC is re-using a voyage number. For example,in case 021E that was used in the past. The system initially accepted this, but the data has become archived due to the age of the EDA on the manifest it attached to. The EDA it attached to is 7/8/2020 so now essentially the bill is in an archived status. We are definitely seeing a rising number of these. The NVOCC can issue a new bill, or we can open a ticket and ask the ocean programmers to address the bill and un-archive it. Unfortunately, if the client decides they want a ticket to be opened and they want to have the bill ‘un-archived”, they have to understand we cannot give them a specific ETA on the completing of the un-archiving of the bill since the programmers have to prioritize incoming tickets.


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Connect your products to the world with SmartLink solution.

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